Republique of iMagination is not not only a merry, colored art- kitsch house in the center of the new EU, a concept for success, hope, future, is improvement of the economic living conditions (after the Chimenius / Canada Model and added at hundred water leaned).

Function today 

- to try out possibilities stimulating meeting place Internationale for like-minded person 

- creative atmosphere that replaces consumption thinking 

- (Times, Kollagen, welding, metal jobs) and fun, regeneration

Everything what one is needed there: 

- 5 rooms formed individually 

- gallery 

- workshop 

- restaurant retiredly, in spite of that a Super Kitchen 

- lakes, forests, and so forth, and so forth, and so forth.

The municipality Miroslawiec is not able through different circumstances, economically too verb essern- no industry will spread there. The alternative is the largest open air gallery of Eastern Europe create. A superchance for artists and like-minded persons ! 
Media will provide for the corresponding advertisement and announcement. 
There are materials ueberall- in the forest, on of the street and everything what else nobody wants more or needs anybody more. 
Thanks at Atala- Berlin(Fliesen), www. and all other ones which helped us up to now. 
Until soon